KM Vertical do Fanal

One amazing climb with an average grade of 26%!
17th October 2021

The first VK raced in Portugal!

In 2010 started what would be the first VK race that was organized in portuguese territory!




KM Vertical do Fanal

Ribeira Funda - Fanal​

The KM Vertical do Fanal is organized by Clube de Montanha do Funchal and had its debut in the year of 2010. It was a new challenge and a new addition to the few trail running races that existed back at the time on Madeira Island.

This race has its start line on the small village of Ribeira Funda at 78 meters of altitude, it runs through a beautiful trail deep in the amazing Laurel Forest that leads you to the finish line at Fanal, 1078 meters high above the sea.

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IX Km Vertical do Fanal

17th October 2021

Porto Moniz

3.98 Kms - 1000D+

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"I think VK races represent in the mountain what 100 and 200 meters races face at the track, because all athletes run at the "redline" from start to finish which is the spirit of time-trial racing.🥵 The landscapes? Yes they are there and they are astonishing, but do we really have time to appreciate them? 😅Thank god for the photographers! Let's go!"
Paulo Perdigão
Race Director