The race Course

Ribeira Funda - Fanal

A "little bit" of history

The KM Vertical do Fanal had its debut in 2010. It was a new challenge and a complement to the few trail running races organized at that time in Madeira Island. Since then it was always organized by Clube de Montanha do Funchal.

This type or races consist in climbing  1.000m of positivo gain in less than 5km of distance, in the case of the KV do Fanal this positive gain is reached when completing the 3,98km of race distance.

The race Course

The KM Vertical do Fanal takes place in the West part of the island, in the council of Porto Moniz, a place of rare beauty mainly highlighted by its natural lava pools but also by a well preserved forest like the one where the race ends, the Fanal.

Madeira Island

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The Madeira Island Archipelago is found in the North Atlantic around 900 kms of Mainland Portugal and 600 km of the coast of Morocco.

The Fnal has in it a rich natural patrimony where it’s highlight its the large concentrations of  O Fanal por seu lado guarda um rico património natural, onde se destaca sobretudo a grande concentração de Tils, “Ocotea Foetens”, century old trees of big dimensions that belong to the family of Laurel trees.

KM Vertical do Fanal

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06 September 2020


Ribeira Funda - Fanal

Race course

Clube de Montanha do Funchal


GPS Track and Altimetry

Ribeira Funda - Fanal


Altitude Graph

The race course has an approximate distance of 3.980 meters and 1.000 of climbing.


It starts at the village of Ribeira Funda at the entry of the second tunel and it finishes by the Fanal lagoon at 1.0768 meters above sea level

organizers alert that the race course might have dense vegetation before the event