Race Regulation

The VIII KM Vertical is organized by Clube de Montanha do Funchal in collaboration with the Portuguese Federations of Camping and Mountaineering. It counts also with great support of the Municipality of Porto Moniz and others private and public institutions. The VIII KM Vertical do Funchal will be hold on September 6 of 2020 with the first athlete starting at 09h00.

Vertical Kilometer® – Its a discipline in the Skyrunning that consists in climbing 1000 meters on a steep grade that does not surpass the 5 km linear distance. The Vertical Kilometer its divided in three levels of altitude ( variation of± 200 meters) from, 0- 1000 m, 1000-2000 e 2000 a 3000 meters, with 5% of tolerance.

The VIII KM Vertical do Fanal its a competition hold in a course mainly climbing, with a positive gain of 1.000 meters and a distance approximate of 3.980 meters between the race start and the finish line. The start is hold at Ribeira Funda, at 78 meters altitude and it finishes by the Fanal lagoon at 1.078 meters altitude.

The VIII KM Vertical do Fanal will be a race that will award points for the “Taça da Madeira – Vertical” and Regional Club Trophy.

Having in mind the pandemic there will no prize award ceremony, the classifications will be awarded between the respective gender and age groups:

  • Juveniles M/F (from ages between 16 and 17)
  • Juniors M/F (from ages between 18 and 20)
  • Seniors M/F (from ages between 21 and 39)
  • Veterans M40/F40 (from ages between 40 and 49)
  • Veterans M50/F50 (from ages between 50 and 59)
  • Veterans M60/F60 (from ages between 60 and 69)
  • Veterans M70/F70 (from ages starting at 70 )

According the Regulation of competitions of the FCMP, the ranking of the athletes are determined by its year of birth and the civil year of the racing season. This way the age to have in count for the age ranking of the athlete will be the one the athlete will have on the 31 of December of 2020.

The VIII KM Vertical do Fanal its hold in absolute respect for the environment. Athletes that have any behavior that is  violent and xenophobic that harm other athletes or litter in any part of the course will be declassified;


Its mandatory to respect the surrounding areas of the race course and the private properties in general. The athletes will be responsible by the compensation that might be imputed towards them.

Art.º 7.0 – Registration, Requirements and Athletes Obligations

  • The only valid registration is the one that is made in the race event website, kmverticaldofanal.com and will only be considered valid after the payment of the defined registration fee;
  • Each participant must fill correctly all its personal data.
  • Due to logistic reasons the organization limits the race to 200 participants; The race organizers has reserved 10 places to fulfill its commitments
  • Registration fee: 10€.
  • Personal accident insurance;
  • Transportation to the start line concentration zone;
  • Participation kit ( chip and bib);
  • Water and energy bar after the finish line;
  • Having 16 years old on the event date;
  • To know and accept and agree the condition of the following race regulation;
  • To register correctly;

The race participation and its risks is of entirely responsibility of the participant. The athlete by registering declares that it’s physically capable to complete the race course.

After the payment of the registration fee the following its considered definitive, this way, in the case of not being able to participate the registration fee will be be returned. Registrations are personal and not transferable and therefore cannot be used by other than the person that has registered. In the case of serious motive one cannot participate it should contact the organization until 8 days before the date of the event.

The participants who are registered in the VIII KM Vertical do Fanal, in the act of their registration, will have to check and sign that they have read the race regulations and that they agree to it without any exceptions. By this mean they declare to participate voluntarily and by they own responsibility in this competition.

Therefore they agree not to complain to the authorities, collaborators, sponsors and other participants of any responsibilities and in everything that exceeds the coverage of the insurance policy. This act replaces the paper document. In the case of athletes that are under age before the event date it there will be made available a paper document that should be filled and signed either by its paratens or tutor and then delivered to the organization when collecting the participation kit.

The event organizer has exclusive rights to the images of the VIII KM Vertical do Fanal such us any records made in audio, video or race reports.
Any project with commercial and publicity terms needs to have previous consent of the race organizers.

There will be no event center on race day on the concentration place; The delivery of the participation kit should be agended with a person that will represent each club, or if case of the athlete being an individual, in the headquarters of Clube de Montanha do Funchal. The participants should have with them a ID Document and the under aged should also have a document of their responsibility statement previously signed by their parents or tutor.

The timing system that will be used its the proprietary system of Clube de Montanha do Funchal, “CMoF Timing System”; The regular checkpoints in middle of the course will not be available this year. Only on the finish line is where there will be timing record of the athlete arrival time.

The clock starts counting in the established moment, with or without the presence of the participants. The participants that are not present until after 15 minutes of their original start time will be declassified. The participants will start their race individually with an interval of 60 seconds between each one; There will not be allowed athlete concentrations next to the start line; All athletes will have their body temperatures measured before the start. After 50 athletes start there will be given a 15 minute interval so that the number of people at any given time in the course is reduced; The use of the bib number given by the organization its allowed during the entire time the participant is ón the course.

O relógio inicia a contagem no momento estabelecido, com ou sem a presença dos participantes. Os participantes que não estiverem presentes até 15 minutos após a sua hora de partida serão desclassificados. Os participantes dão início à prova de forma individual e com um intervalo de 60 segundos entre si; Não será permitida a concentração de atletas junto à partida; Haverá um corredor antes da partida com o devido distanciamento assinalado, onde os atletas farão fila pela ordem de saída; Será medida a temperatura corporal a todos os atletas antes da partida. Após a partida de 50 atletas será dado um intervalo de 15 minutos, para que o número de atletas no percurso seja mais reduzido; O uso do peitoral fornecido pela organização, é obrigatório durante todo o tempo em que o participante estiver em prova.

Moving by their own foot is the only mean of progression allowed during the entire course, being therefore forbidden any type of help that its not their own body or walking poles.

The participants should be sufficiently trained to execute a physical activity that is continuous during a long course with a high level of positive elevation gain and also possess the ability to surpass and recover without any issues after their race conclusion.

The participants when realizing the approach of a faster athlete should facilitate their overtake. The athletes that want to overtake another slower athlete should, when sufficiently close enough, warn them of their intent to do so.
For the good communication between faster and slower athletes is strictly forbidden the use of “headphones” during the race.

The participants should help each other in case of need.
In case of accident during the race, and in a situation of the athlete not being able to progress the participant should enter in contact immediately with the organization or ask someone to inform the organization of the situation, in other case it should try to each the end of the race where assistant will be given to him.

There will be awarded penalties or misclassification if the participant:

  • Arrive to the finish line after the time limit imposed to finish the race(2h00 hours) – declassification;
  • To cause damage in the race course – between 3 minutes and declassification;
  • Not respecting the normal conduct of forest protection- declassification;
  • To throw any kind of trash to the ground – declassification;
  • To inflict the rules imposed by the organization – between 3 minutes and declassification;
  • Not helping another athlete that is in the need for help – between 3 minutes and declassification;
  • To ask for help without any need for it – declassification;
  • To deliberately not taking the bib number in the front or that this one is not visible  (when placed in front) – declassification;
  • Not having race chip – declassification;
  • Not respecting the marked course – declassification;
  • Not facilitating the overtake of a faster athlete – e
  • between 3 minutes and declassification;
  • Receiving personal assistance during the race –
  • between 3 minutes and declassification;
  • Using “headphones” during the race – declassification.

Its mandatory the use of mask in every area that there is people concentration, this includes the: interior of the transportation buses to the start line; after the exit of the buses in Ribeira Funda; The athlete will only be able to remove the mask when its in the start box awaiting the countdown for its start time; The athletes are obliged to take their masks with them during the entirety of the competition and put it after completing the race course; Its mandatory to take the bin number always visible and the chip that is given by the organization; It’s mandatory the use footwear and minimal clothing to complete a mountain race.

There will not be any food or aid stations during the race course. Each athlete will be given a water bottle and a energy bar at the finish line.

The competition jury is made by the Race Director and the “Judge-Referees”, being one of them the president of the jury. The president of the jury and the “judge-referees” are nominated by the Arbitration Council of the FCMP.

The participants of the VII KM Vertical Do Fanal are covered by a insurance of personal accidents with the following coverings:

  • Death or permanent disability: 28.043,00€
  • Funeral Expenses : 2.244,00€
  • Repatriation and treatment expenses: 4.487,00€ Franquia: 60,00€
  • Repatriation and treatment expenses: 75,00€ by sinister.

In case of accident, the participant should, in first place, contact the organization, which will after forward the case to the medical institution most adequate to the state of health of the participant, together with a copy of the participation of insurance. At times, due to the urgency/seriousness of the accident, it becomes impossible to fulfill the insurance papers. In these circumstances the participation of the insurance can be taken care of after medical care is taken on the participant, although, in all cases the organization needs to have in its property the insurance papers so that it can forward them to the insurance company. The organization will not assume expenses that were not communicated in opportune timing to activate the insurance.

The data of the participants that are filled on the registration form will be only be used for the effects of, insurance, participant list, news and classification. All the participants can execute their rights of access, correction and deletion of their personal data by sending an email to cmofunchal@gmail.com. In the case of the athlete is part of FCMP – Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal the act of registration assume that the data will be transmitted to the following cases: ranking of several cups, procedures of the responsibility of the accord federation.

The organization can suspend, reduce or stop the race by means of extreme circumstances that are out of its control; The race will not be suspended if the intensity of rain and wind are considered lower or moderate that cannot represent a significant risk.

Any complaint should be made by written in a previous model that will be made available by the Competition Jury, and accompanied by a caution with the value of 50.00€ ( that is not refundable if the complaint is rejected ), and delivered to the Jury until 15 minutes after the publication of the official race classification.

The Competition Jury that will analyse the complaint is composed by the Race Director and the Judge-Referees.. The decisions taken by the jury can be reclaimed in according to the Chapter 10 of the Skyrunning Competition Regulation.

In the case there missing cases in this regulations, these will be taken care by the Competition Jury. These decisions can lead to appeal according to the Chapter 10 of the Regulation of Competitions of the Skyrunning da Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal.

  • Athletes that suspect symptoms of disease life coughing, fever, respiratory difficult, throat pain, muscular pain, alterations of smell and taste should not attend the race;
  • All the athletes have to use the mask before and after it’s race;
  • All the athletes are obliged to carry the mask with them during the competition and place it correctly after completing the course;
  • Athletes should always maintain social distancing;
  • It is forbidden to spit or similar behaviour during the race and it’s recommended respiratory etiquette like covering the nose and mouth with a tissue or arm when sneezing and coughing;
  • Athletes should be aware the risk of infection even if all rules are applied by the organization being their participation out of their free will.

English race regulation is currently in fine tuning. In case of doubts please contact directly the organization.