The KM Vertical do Fanal had its debut in the year of 2010. This was a new challenge for it’s time and a new variant to the trail running races existent at that time on Madeira Island. Since that first year this race was always organized by Clube de Montanha do Funchal.

This races consist in achieving 1.000 meters of positive climb in less than 5 km of distance, in which case, the KM Vertical do Fanal fulfills seeing that the race is only 2.98 km long.

General Information

6 of September 2020


Ribeira Funda – Fanal


Clube de Montanha do Funchal


This race is part of the of cup of Portugal and Regional de Vertical Race Championship.

General information

Timing system and passage controls

The timing system used by Clube de Montanha do Funchal will be it’s proprietary “CMoF Timing System”, which allows to follow the athletes race online in almost real time.

Competition Ranks

– Juniors M/F (ages between 18 and 19 )
– Seniors M/F (ages between 20 and 39 )
– Veterans M40/F40 (ages between 40 and 49 )
– Veterans M50/F50 (ages between 50 and 59 )
– Veterans M60/F60 (ages between 60 and 69 )
– Veterans M70/F70 (starting from 70 years)
– The ages stated in the previous point are referred to the last day of the year that the competition is realized (31-12-2020), ponto 2.1.7 of Regulamento de Competições de Skyrunning da FCMP;
– The athletes are obliged to participate in the rank corresponding to their age on the last day of the year (31-12-2020);
– Only athletes that have fulfilled 16 years old by the race event date can participate on the race.

Control Checkpoints

The control checkpoints are marked in the terrain in each km of the course.

Starting Lists

The starting list will be available on the race day on the event center and will be available online from 1 of September


The provisory standings will be fixed on the arrival area. The official results will be available on the races website (

Race bibs

The use of the race bib is mandatory. in the absence of this the athelete will be stoped from starting the race. The race bib should always be placed in the front.


The starts will be made in intervals of 1 or more minutes. The athletes should be aware of their starting time.
In the start the athlete has to pass by two consecutive sections. In the first section, 2 minutes before the start his name, bib and presence will be confirmed.Na partida, os atletas têm de passar por duas seções consecutivas.
In the second section the athlete will go to the start line and wait until the start time that is indicated by watch beep before starting his race.
The athletes that will not be present until 15 minutes after their starting time will be declassified.


The arrival record is made by the race organization.

Drinking water

There will be drinking water on the arrival for all participants.

Competition rules

You should check the race regulations HERE.


The race course has a aproximated distance of 3.980 meters long and 1.000 meters of positive climb. The course starts in the village of Ribeira funda and finishes in Fanal.


The terrain is constituted on it’s first 1/4 of cement and stone paths, after this it’s main predominance are dirt and rocks, sometimes with very slippery sections.

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